Think there’s no point in sending plain text messages to old-school cell phones? Think again!

Targeting through mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is all about sending text messages to people’s mobile devices for selling and marketing your products and services. Thus, what is targeted by a message is any mobile device and not only smartphones. Receiving text messages is not just limited to smartphones; any simple cell phone can do the same task. A smartphone is just a technological step toward better mobility and that is what the craze is all about. However, it still does not lead the total sales of mobile devices as of now. A major share of mobile phone users simply own text-enabled phones. Many marketers are considering this as an opportunity and are using text messaging to target the potential customers.

Designing right marketing campaigns for mobile phones

Marketers who are turning frequently to text messaging are not only designing the campaigns for smartphones but for just any mobile phone. They are utilizing several gateways to get their campaigns designed in a perfect manner. For example, the Telecom New Zealand SMS gateway can offer their professional expertise to help you design a targeted mobile marketing campaign. If you are planning to design your new campaign, do not just target the users of smartphones as you would not be able to reach those consumers who are regular cell phone users making up about 50% of the market. It is like missing a whole demographic if you are focusing on smartphone users.

Mobile marketing is such an effective medium of promotions and offering incentive services to customers that you would not want to miss out on any of the customers whom you could have attracted through your campaign. If you are working hard on creating a good SMS marketing campaign, you surely would not want to reach out to just a small percentage of cell phone users. So, get a right campaign designed to target the whole mobile user base.

Cutting down on myths

Do not base your mobile marketing campaign on the myths about SMSs not being prevalent due to the arrival of new messaging services on smartphones. Studies have shown that text messages are still prevalent despite the newly emerging interaction modes on smartphones. This platform can allow a very personalized interaction with your customers.  If you are a marketer, you can directly communicate with users through mobile phones and also receive instant feedback through SMSs. You get a better return on investment and higher conversion rate through the marketing efforts made on mobile phones. While only targeting smartphone users, you may cut down your customer base by half of the mobile demographic.

So, get over the mobile phone myths and start designing the right targeted campaign for the whole mobile phone community to take full advantage of your text marketing efforts.