sms messages for debt collection

Automate Debt Collection via SMS

Texta helps you automate your debt collection procedures in simple and straight forward steps that anyone in your organisation can follow.All you need is a list (in an excel spreadsheet) of your debtors with columns as follows:

  • Company Name
  • Client First Name
  • Client Last Name
  • Client mobile number (e.g. 021 123 4567)
  • Amount owed
  • Days past due (or overdue)
  • Invoice Number(s) related to this (e.g. 1234,2233)

It Only Takes Two Steps

Step One: Export the above information from your debtors or accounts receivables ageing report section of your accounting program.

Step Two: Once you have this information, you simply import it directly inside Texta as a new list and create a campaign like the one below to send the debt collection messages.

sms debt collectionMessage Example:

It’s like a one touch process!

All the hashtags (e.g. #FirstName#, #DaysPastDue#) will automatically get merged with the data in your list at the point of sending making the message highly personalized and targeted.

Your customers can reply to this message and it’s automatically forwarded to a nominated email address (e.g. to help your accounts team resolve the matter.

Best of all…

You can log back into your Texta account at any time and see how many messages were sent, who replied and what the specific replies were.

You have absolutely nothing to lose….except all that stress you’ve been experiencing

So go ahead and get your free Texta account and start saving yourself some stress!