Two-Way SMS Marketing

Two-Way SMS Marketing Solution

Texta offers unbelievably competitive bulk SMS rates for both one-way and two-way SMS communication campaigns to any cell phone supported on our network. Our network runs on our own infrastructure giving us enormous control over the delivery and reliability of SMS messages across all networks globally.

Texta offers feature rich automation tools that are very easy to use. The high variety of features makes Texta just as easy to use for companies that wish to send out marketing messages, appointment reminders, polls, etc. as for non-profit organisations like schools, sport clubs, churches, etc.

Two-Way Messaging Features

Two-way SMS Marketing opens up new channels that let you engage in conversations with your customers through interactive text messaging, whereby your customers can respond to your messages.

Its one thing to be able to send our bulk SMS messages to your customers; but once they respond, you know that you have the attention of your customers. Most of all, two-way messaging can also be used to collect consumer information through advertising and marketing campaigns or additional campaign messages like the ones discussed on the right.