sms surveys

Mobile marketers around the world are recognising the fact that SMS is the most efficient way to get instant traction with customers and prospects. So logically, they’re also a great way to get timely feedback through SMS polls.

With Texta, you can create SMS polls in just a few clicks. Once created, just broadcast the SMS in bulk to your customers and wait for them to respond.

All incoming SMS poll responses are automatically emailed to you but they are also compiled in easy to understand pie charts along with tabular responses giving you a visual breakdown of the most popular answers and responses.

Yes/No Campaigns

The same concept can also be used to run Yes/No type campaigns. Yes/No campaigns are particularly beneficial for event RSVPs (Are you coming? Yes/No), appointment confirmations (Are we still on for the meeting today? Yes/No) or general confirmation campaigns (Confirm if you would like to receive future updates via SMS. Yes/No).