Become a Texta Partner

CollaborativeQuoteWe are strong believers in the power of synergy and cooperation. Texta was designed for small business owners and our solution, given its popularity among small business owners, has the potential to give your business a steady, residual income stream with very little effort. Here’s how:

The Program

Anyone can participate in our partner program. Whether you’re self employed, freelancer, stay-at-home mom or a tech entrepreneur, Texta’s partner program can be of benefit to you.

You can sign up online to become a partner through our global partner registry and instantly gain access to banners, links and collateral to start promoting Texta to your customers or professional contacts.

From within the partner portal, you can grab HTML code that you can cut and paste onto your website or email signature with banner links already embedded with your partner ID. When someone clicks on that banner, comes to the Texta website and signs up, you get paid a commission from the purchase amount.

Some of our partners earn up to 30% on every purchase on Texta and Texta, as you may have read earlier is sending millions of SMS messages every month. Do the math… there’s some serious income potential here for you.

Who is our ideal partner?

While anyone can join the partner program, historically we have seen partners from the following categories of businesses seem to be more successful in generating a side income from Texta.

  • Web Designers & Developers
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Business Coaches & Public Speakers
  • Accounting & Tax Consulting Companies
  • System Integrators (classic IT company)
  • Advertising Consultants
  • Graphic Designers