If you’ve ever tried to co-ordinate an event with a bunch of friends or colleagues, then you’ve experienced the panic when right at the last minute there’s a change in plans.

With Texta, you can send out a bulk notification to your entire list of attendees and participants in just one hit – best of all, its so cost effective, it will actually save you more time, money and angst compared to any other form of bulk messaging.

Also, cancellation notifications can be replied to (e.g. Reply yes if you got this message) making sure that your end users have seen the message and the necessary action has been taken.

As always, all incoming replies are automatically forwarded to your nominated email address so you are always in the loop with every incoming reply.

With the personalisation tools available within Texta, you can make sure the message you send contains all relevant information – for example:

“Hey Tina, 2mmrws soccer practice has been cancelled due to bad weather. Your team liasion is Gary, call him on 021 123456 for an update”


“Hi John, your car rego EPQ 123 was due for service on 12/11 at 3pm. The replacement part hasnt arrived yet, so we cant complete the servicing as planned. Pls call 0800 123456 to arrange another time.”


“Maui gas pipeline issue. Restaurant closed. Your reservation for 12/11 @ 2pm Tbl for 2 cancelled. Pls confirm receipt of this message. Apologies for the inconvenience.”


“Thx for your rqst for info for plumbr in St. Lukes area. Jake, our Cntrl Akl spclst will call shortly. If urgent, Jake’s number is 021 11223344.”

PLEASE NOTE: You might think that there are a bunch of typos in the message examples above. They’re actually SMS shoft-hand. its encouraged to use short-hand when sending long SMS messages to avoid message truncation leading to multiple charges for a single message transmission.

In short, SMS has multiple uses and cancellation notifications is just one of them. Sign up for a free account and start texting …