While it is sometime overlooked, text message marketing has several marked advantages over other types of marketing which makes it a potent tool to have at your disposal.  Three reasons that you might not have thought of that explain why this is the case are listed below.

1)      Because it is permission based, SMS marketing has among the highest ROIs of any type of marketing.   While many marketing campaigns are targeted at consumers who haven’t requested info on the subject of the campaign, and who, as a result, may not even look at any information related to the campaign they come into contact with, this is not the case with text message marketing.  Given that they have exhibited an interest in the products or services being sold by opting-in to receive further information about them, the conversion rate on SMS marketing campaigns is typically much higher than for other such campaigns.

2)      Mobile phone usage continues to grow.  While usage of traditional computers has slowed recently, the growth of the mobile industry has continued at a rapid pace.  With consumers using their mobile devices to shop, find locations, chat, and surf the web, among other things, these devices have become an essential part of their lives.  Missing out on the ability to reach out to your customers and prospects via their mobile phone or other device deprives you off the chance to get your message to them quickly and with a high open rate.  Bulk mobile messaging cuts through the clutter and, if the message is well constructed, leads to action.

3)      The immediacy of SMS leads to high delivery and conversion rates.  Compared to emails and other delivery methods, SMS texts have an extraordinarily high open rate.  One reason for this is the fact that SMS texts avoid gatekeepers such as anti-spam filters that might otherwise redirect your message.  Another reason is that consumers typically use their mobile phones for rapid communication of all types.  As a result, they generally check text messages as soon as they are received.  This ability to get your message to those who are interested in it has the effect of increasing conversions markedly.  In addition, with many consumers using their mobile phones to find locations, marketers who add a “find location” function to their mobile sites gain an advantage by providing prospects with the means to take action on their offers.