Though there cannot be a definite rulebook for boosting text marketing campaign results, there still are some basics that should be followed when it comes to reaching out to your target audience. These basics make the rules of engagement clearer, while letting you know as a marketer what to do and what not to do while sending text messages to your prospective customers. Check out some of these rules of engagement on the mobile phone.

Make it legally right

Mobile marketing can be the most effective way to communicate with your customers about your services and products, but it might force consumers to file lawsuits if not done in a correct manner. There are several key considerations related to legal matters associated with a marketing campaign. A number of regulations and laws govern sending bulk text messages to people. Gather information on such laws and rules before you get engaged with customers through text messages. Do it the right way and comply with legal regulations.

Get permission

There should not be any unsolicited communication sent to customers. So, obtain the recipients’ consent before you send out any promotional text messages to them. People get unhappy when they receive messages from uninvited or unexpected parties. You would not get receptive customers if they have not permitted you to send messages to them.

Keep records

It is also important to keep a record of the opt-in and opt-out transmissions and maintain them at least for six months after the customer has opted out of the agreement. You may also keep these records for longer as some people might want to make quick money by filing lawsuits. These records help you cease these kinds of threats.

STOP means immediate stop

If customers opt out of your messages, you immediately have to stop sending any more messages. According to a declaratory ruling by the Federal Communications Commission, there can only be an additional follow-up message sent to your customer within five minutes of him/her sending an opting out request. This message should not be of marketing or promotional nature.

Perform audits

The best way to avoid any lawsuits is to perform regular audits on your SMS marketing campaigns. Keep a check through weekly audits on opt-ins, opt-outs, consumer activity, etc. Strategize your future campaigns accordingly.

Secure customer data

Maintain your brand image by taking all possible security measures for your customers. Protect their information from any unauthorized use, access or disclosure. Maintain a standard security for all your messaging platforms.

Choose your words wisely

Avoid using any words or phrases that could mislead customers about what you are exactly offering. For example, anything free to end-users can only be represented by the word “Free.” Else, you have to mention what additional charges apply.