Here’s the fact: If marketers want to stay in touch with their target markets, they will have to believe in “mobilizing”. More than 73 million people in the United States only use mobile phones and this number is bound to go up and up during the coming years. So, using the strategy of text message marketing can open several avenues for businesses if they are not already into it. Let’s get into some facts about bulk mobile messaging that could be of advantage to you as a marketer and would help you understand how SMSs can be the latest marketing magic bullets.

Marketing effectiveness through SMSs

If you want to do some flash sales promotions, then consider the open rate for text messages that is far more than e-mails. While messages have a whopping 98% open rate, e-mails merely have it about 22%. Therefore, going for the same-day promotions through text messages is highly beneficial as compared to those sitting e-mails in a customer’s inbox. Some studies suggest that around 97% of text messages are read within a few minutes of the person receiving them!

Highly engaged audience

You would generally find loyal and interested target audience for your brand if you opt for SMS promotions as people carefully choose their text campaigns while going for their mobile programs. This is not the case with e-mails where people choose according to their temporary interests.

Higher sales and awareness

When you send text messages to customers, you are driving them to visit the store too. Once they are in the store, they not only select the product they want, but also check out all other offers that might be appealing to them. You would usually get a customer purchase thrice more than they actually came for. This raises your sales, while also helping the customers become more aware of your products and services. This would not happen when you send e-mails to people.

Measurement of ad value

There can be monitoring done for your SMSs sent to prospective customers. The SMS text marketing service is easily traceable and you can track each of your ad campaigns to know how many people have been viewing your messages and how effective has your campaign been. You cannot do the same with a radio, television or newspaper advertisements.

Bringing in higher ROI

It is cost efficient to go for text advertising than for other methods of marketing. You spend a few pennies on the messages and get a lot in return. Some other marketing media can cost you hundreds of dollars to do the same work with less return on investment.