If you have been utilizing text messaging for your marketing campaigns, you would know what a wide customer reach it has and how much traffic it can generate for your business. With around 97% open rate and being the fastest read, a text message can be the best solution to offer you a high return on investment (ROI). But, if your texting campaigns have not been that great in the past, check out how these can be made more profitable the next time.

Design industry-specific campaigns

You would usually observe that mobile marketing campaigns that include inter-activity with the target audience are the ones that are most effective and bring in higher ROI. Understand your industry’s needs and create your messages accordingly. For example, if you are in the travel industry, you may send an SMS welcome msg when you customers book their tickets. Include your helpline number for them to sort out any kind of problems. Similarly, you may send messages having booking confirmation information, booking reminders, event notifications, cancellations, and offers or voucher codes. In the same manner, you may go on using SMS for account collection or using SMS for debt collections if you are in the finance industry.

Use analytical information

Usually, a good texting system would provide you with the analytical information. If you have access to such information, then try to use it to determine the reasons your messages are not working and which areas would need improvement. Base your future campaign decisions on this analysis so you could make your messaging more powerful the next time.

Time your message properly

Sometimes when you are sending your messages at wrong timings, people get annoyed and don’t even want to have a look at it. A text message is usually opened within 3-5 minutes of receiving and if your timing was not right, it might get ignored or deleted. Avoid sending your messages in the morning or at night. Keep later afternoons and weekends in general for sending your messages. But if your business provides some morning offers, send the messages a little earlier so people can be there to avail that offer. So, set a proper timing for your messages per your business needs and customers’ convenience.

Make your purchase process simpler

Customers should be treated sophistically and you should try to make things simpler for them. Do not keep them hopping from one point to another in order to avail a simple offer. Keep things as simple as possible to make things easy for your target customer.

Link your promotions

If there is space in your text messages, insert a link to other promotions or to your business website. This cross promoting can also help increase your ROI to a good extent.