As the use of mobile phones and other portable devices consistently rise, connecting with your target customers while they are still on the go is far more convenient today than ever before.

Subsequently, SMS marketing has emerged as one of the fastest growing tools used by the marketing community worldwide, so we’ve come up with the following list of five essential tactics that you can use to turn your text messaging campaign into a success.

Be focused and brief

Your sms marketing campaigns should be focused. It is imperative that you know well your target customer and are able to establish a direct communication with them. Pour all your efforts into highlighting how they can benefit from your offers — say it clearly, quickly and then offer them a way to act on your offer.

Stay away from slang words, abbreviations and hype

If you end up making your text messages look like spam, customers will delete them without reading them. Never include anything in the message body that appears too promotional or ‘slick’. And by ‘slick’, we mean even that typical marketing hype such as ‘amazing offers’ etc. Just say the deal and make it good.

Make sure your offers translate into immediate value

Let’s face it, not too many of your sms subscribers will be keen on being part of a SMS marketing campaign unless your messages offer them something of immediate value. Thus, always try to include real-time offers in your campaigns. Regardless of whether you are promoting a new product or a special discount offer, the message content should be always focused on explaining the benefits for consumer with a way for them to act on that offer straight away.  

Make your recipients feel special

Don’t flood your recipients’ inboxes with news or offers that they could easily obtain from your brick and mortar or online stores. Instead try and send some sort of personalized offer which makes your subscribers feel as if they are receiving an exclusive deal. This not only works in favour of your individual campaigns, but it also helps you win brand loyalty.