With the trend of using mobile phones for text messaging rising, SMS marketing has emerged as a great opportunity for many businesses worldwide to communicate with their target consumer bases easily and effectively. There are more than a handful of ways to optimize the power of mobile marketing in favor of your business this holiday season.

Here’s just a few…

1. Optimize the pre-header message

Almost all mobile inboxes today use the initial 70 or so characters of copy from the above-header region as subject lines. So, make a point to furnish all your holiday season subject lines with actionable opportunities or by putting up a nice summary or idea about the offer you are promoting. With some creativity and good sms copywriting, you can easily use the 70-72 character headline to highlight the benefits of your offer or to present a clear call to action.

2. Prioritize holiday shopping activity

Consumers today are constantly on the move. According to a recent study published by comScore, about four consumers out of every five are now using a smartphone to shop. No doubt, this is an excellent reason to include a mobile friendly banner your messaging in order to make it easy for your consumers to locate your store online. You can even stretch this approach a step further by stating your store location right in the subject line.

3. Withstand the challenge using smart design

Consumers today hardly spend more than a few seconds scanning their inboxes in order to find something that deserves their attention. So, optimize your bulk mobile messaging campaigns by:

1) Using concise blocks of copy

2) Segmenting your message into short, distinct sections
3) Using suitable, transparent headers