It’s simple but true: an adequate marketing strategy is a must have for any business to build and maintain a reputation.

The technological landscape has drastically changed in the past few years and so have the ways marketers promote their businesses, products and/or services. The rise of sms marketing is one example of this change. If you have not yet launched your first SMS campaign, read on, because there are great reasons to adopt this effective, economical marketing platform

1) Sms marketing is a direct marketing approach with unique advantages. It is an ideal way to get connected to existing and potential customers and one that enables marketers get in touch with customers right on their mobile phones. This, needless to say, helps immensely to stay front of mind with your audience.

2) Bulk mobile messaging usually tends to have a much higher open rate than most other marketing platforms including email marketing. To understand this, put yourself in the shoes of a customer: whenever a new message arrives, do you or do you not check out the message immediately? We are sure you do, because everybody does.

3) It’s not only about open rates, either. A text messaging campaign is much more likely to be read and evaluated by the recipient. After all, text messages are short, usually 160 characters or less, which means it only takes a few seconds for a recipient to read it. Hence, with bulk mobile messaging, you make yourself heard, loud and clear, to a pretty large audience.

4) SMS marketing is way cheaper than any traditional marketing tactic you can think of — be it airtime on local radio stations, tv ads or print ads. And not only is it cheaper, this new-generation marketing tactic is also easier to configure and implement. You can literally send out your marketing campaigns to thousands of people’s inboxes instantly and simultaneously.

5) Text message marketing makes it easier for any business to expand one’s business into new territory. It allows marketers to reach out to a national influence at a low cost and with the  utmost efficiency.