SMS marketing is a unique and undoubtedly effective way to promote your company and its products and services at low cost. However, there are certain limitations in this relatively new marketing tactic that makes it hard for an inexperienced person to adopt it. Once such technological constraint is that a single text message cannot feature more than 160 characters.

Therefore, as an SMS marketing professional, you must maintain simplicity and relevance while composing and configuring a text marketing campaign.

In general, all messages must accomplish either of two pre-determined objectives. 

1. Either it should feature some valuable piece(s) of information, or

2. It should encourage users to take a certain action — such as click opening a link to a mobile website.

In the first type of messages, the informative part of the text holds the key and therefore needs to be handled carefully. E.g. if your bulk messaging list comprises of both business owners as well as consumers, you must not send the messages meant for consumers to the entire group including business owners. Therefore, segment your list as much as you can so as to avoid any confusions and complications during your future campaigns. By segmenting the group and dividing it into multiple sub partitions, you effectively enhance the efficiency of your campaigns. With such a tactic, you can ensure that all the messages sent out by you will be received by only the appropriate group whom the message is meant for.

Things are slightly more complicated with the second type of SMS marketing campaigns. Here, the bulk SMS senders are required to take a lot of precautionary steps while composing the message. This is primarily due to the fact that in this type of message, you will be urging your recipients to visit an external link or take some other action. It is worth noting here that both you and your target customers know that the only objective behind your sending them messages is to convince them to purchase your products and services. That’s why you need to portray how a click on the given link could help the recipients bag a deal that means something to them. There’s no room for any unnecessary introduction or irrelevant information.

So to summarize it all up — just keep it simple silly!

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