For a business to succeed, nothing plays as important role as its customers’ trust and brand loyalty. Yes, the trust of your customer in your business model, products as well as services is something that eventually determines the fate of an organisation. Therefore, you need to safeguard that trust at all costs no matter what — here’s how you should go about that task.

Privacy matters over mobile channels

Consumers have long been harassed by excessive promotional campaigns by email marketers and telemarketers. Pop up ads, outbound marketing calls at odd hours and an inbox full of spam emails — the public is annoyed (at best) by this sorts of privacy intrusion today. Thankfully, SMS marketing is yet to achieve such a reputation. However, there are still certain SMS marketers who send out promotional messages to their target customers in an irresponsible manner. Avoid such improper tactics at all costs. A number of steps can be taken in this regard, however. For example:

1. Include opt in and opt out options in your campaigns

It’s no longer just a matter of business etiquette, but many world governments have now made it mandatory for a bulk sms sender to include both opt in and opt out options in their campaigns. Therefore ensure that you regularly notify your recipients about the steps they can take in order to unsubscribe from your SMS list.

2. Time your messages

Nothing can be more annoying than to be awakened by an incoming SMS alert tone, only to find out the message was sent out by a local insurance company asking you to buy their latest policies. This is something that happened to me a few days back. True that I did not sue the company, but in my mind I vowed that I would never purchase an insurance policy from the company. Moral of the story: if you send out your SMS messages round the clock without getting bothered about the recipients’ privacy, then people will start hating you. You get the drift!

3. Send relevant SMS only

Relevance is a precious thing in the domain of mobile message marketing. Make sure that you don’t spoil your reputation or credentials by sending out random, off topic messages.

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