The path that leads to the future of marketing has been laid, and it’s lined with smartphones and mobile devices. Whether companies tread carefully or throw caution to the wind, one thing is without question: the need to move forward is absolutely critical. Without using some sort of SMS marketing software, a company is doomed to be left behind.

According to statistics, the number of people who check email on their smartphones on a regular basis has leaped from six percent to 13 percent in a year’s time. With that kind of growth, businesses are beginning to look into text marketing and SMS advertising as new ways of reaching potential customers, as well as keeping existing customers engaged and active.

The availability of SMS marketing software to accomplish this is also giving small companies the opportunity to compete against far bigger entities. Ten years ago, the standard way of reaching an audience was through print and television media, an area that the titans of industry had cornered. But with something as simple as text marketing, the playing field has been officially leveled. Game on.