It’s an established fact that bulk marketing campaigns that incorporate social media sharing icons in their email messages see a vastly increased number of click-through rates. The most frequently utilized social media platform for this type of sharing is, as you might have guessed, Facebook—followed closely behind by Twitter. But is there a danger in relying too heavily on any single platform to maximize your social media marketing strategy? You bet there is.

The reason is purely mathematical. Facebook is currently the most popular social media website on the planet, and it makes all the sense in the world to place a sharing feature within the body of your marketing messages that’ll give your readers the opportunity to “share the love” with their established list of friends and followers. But the operative word in this paragraph is “currently.” The fact is, it’s difficult to predict with any certainty whether or not Facebook will go the way of MySpace as the preeminent social media advertising venue.

In the end, you should approach your social media strategy as you would your personal investment portfolio—by diversifying. The popularity of social networking sites is difficult to predict, and you never know when some brilliant new advancement (or secret merger) will suddenly launch a significantly smaller player like Digg or Reddit into the stratosphere. The best advice? Be prepared, and cover all your bases by offering the widest diversity of sharing options that you can. This will prevent you from losing precious time when Facebook pulls a Roman Empire and collapses of its own weight, leaving the smaller networks to squabble over the spoils. When that happens, you want as many open options as possible.