A recent prediction from one of the world’s biggest auditing and consulting firms, Deloitte, has shed light on the importance of businesses to get on the SMS advertising and text marketing bandwagon. According to Deloitte, in 2011 over 50 percent of all computers sold will be hand held. This includes laptops but also extends to PC tablets and, most importantly, smartphones that are capable of performing the basic tasks of either.

Conventional wisdom rightly sees this as a sign that businesses have to focus more heavily on catering their websites and email marketing to work with smartphones. And it also points out the importance of looking into SMS marketing software to take advantage of the vast number of mobile devices being carried around.

While text marketing is, for the most part, still in its infancy, it’s already grown into a truly complicated endeavor. For those with little experience but a big desire to jump in with both feet, there are software programs available to assist with the various intricacies—and legalities—of marketing via SMS. SMS marketing software can help small businesses with limited or no IT resources achieve a far greater influence than has previously been possible.