Though text message marketing offers many advantages to entrepreneurs, some fear they might have to compromise metrics and analytics for an SMS campaign. But businesses’ mobile marketing campaigns do not need to sacrifice either for SMS’ immediacy and effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Google Analytics has made it possible for eCommerce entrepreneurs to track click-throughs with their set of URL builder tools. This opens a new way of thinking modern eCommerce text message marketing ideas.

Here are 3 easy steps on how to track an SMS campaign through Google Analytics’ URL builder.

Step #1 Install Google Analytics codes.

Install the required Google Analytics codes on the mobile version of your eCommerce website. After all the necessary codes are in place, head over to Google’s URL tool to create a link with data about your eCommerce site’s specific mobile campaign.

Step #2 Complete the URL Builder form.

The URL builder page will require several custom campaign parameters to your URLs. After entering your eCommerce website’s URL, fill in your site’s campaign parameters:

Campaign source – this parameter is required for identifying search engines, newsletter name, and other types of sources. Ex. utm_source=yahoo

Campaign medium – this parameter is required for identifying marketing mediums such as banners, cost-per-clicks (CPCs) and emails. Ex. utm_medium=banner

Campaign term – used to note paid search keywords for specific ads. Ex. utm_term=two+way+sms+new+Zealand

Campaign content – required for split testing and content-targeted ads. Campaign content parameters are also used to differentiate ads and links that direct toward the same URL. Ex. utm_content=textlink of utm_content=logolink

Campaign name – this parameter is required for keyword analysis and to identify specific product promo codes, slogans or other campaigns. Ex. utm_campaign=*text_marketing_free

After you have completed and submitted the form, the URL builder will churn out a link comprised of the variables you have entered. All this information will go to your Google Analytics Campaign section. The link will look like this:


Step #3 Shorten the URL for SMS.

The last step is to shorten down the URL for use in your SMS txt platform. A great tool for this can be found at http:/, which is a URL shortener service.

Now that you have an appropriately sized URL, place it as a clickable link in your SMS text messaging online service. Once users click through your link, Google Analytics will track who clicked through on what campaign and how much sales you made as a result.

Use these data to calculate your total ROI from your SMS campaign.

With these 3 easy steps, you can stop worrying and start tracking your SMS campaign through Google Analytics today.