When smartphones overtook feature phones not so long ago, it marked a turning point in mobile marketing. No longer is mobile marketing confined to making calls and sending bulk SMS, but expanded into three more areas: email, internet, and social media. Each new function increases marketers’ ability to connect with customers.

How marketers can cope with the smartphone revolution depends on how well they can engage users in real time with mobile experience.

Get Mobile-Friendly

Now that checking email and web browsing has become the norm for smartphone users along with calls and text messaging, start your marketing campaign overhaul by providing a mobile-friendly experience for your subscribers. Renovate your brand website to be mobile-optimized as a first step. This will make checking in at your site easier and more enjoyable for your customers.

Kick off a mobile-friendly email campaign that delivers relevant content to users. It might be best to keep in mind that a mobile-friendly email can be realistically viewed on a desktop as well. So work on providing useful campaigns for both desktop and mobile.

Get Social Media

Social media may just be everybody’s favorite way to connect these days. Put social networking media sites like Facebook and Twitter to work with mobile-friendly marketing campaigns. Still, a tweet or a rich-media post won’t be effective simply because it’s attractive: keep your messages relevant and useful to your audience to realize your marketing campaign’s maximum potential.

Get Push Notifications

Smartphones have opened a whole new world to consumers with the arrival of mobile apps. Research shows that the number of apps being downloaded for smartphone users now numbers into billions. You can integrate apps into your mobile marketing strategies with push notifications. Push notifications encourage users to take immediate action by opening apps, whether it’s subscribing or opting in with email. Use this feature carefully however, as poorly executed push notifications can alienate customers.

Get Back to SMS

While all these new functions may be the next-generation hype, it doesn’t mean you have to forget good old plain SMS. Whether you’re using SMS text messaging online or geo-location SMS services, you can engage users with text message marketing. SMS continues to be effective when timely or urgent messages need to be delivered.

The rapid evolution of smartphones means that people of all ages have grown accustomed to having powerful yet portable technology within easy reach. Many want the same stuff when making informed decisions about purchases. Turn the personal technology innovation of smartphones into your advantage with these tips and suggestions today.