The accent on generating quality SMS leads is understandable. Without a database of qualified, potential customers, a business’ text message marketing strategy will always be shooting in the dark hoping to hit a random target. Such a hit-or-miss approach on a company’s mobile campaign will only mean high expenditures for chance results.

If you’re looking to expand your SMS txt platform subscriber’s list, it’s best to do it in a targeted approach. Here is the A-B-C on how to generate quality SMS leads for your marketing campaign:


Ask people to be part of your SMS text messaging online database by providing opt-in opportunities for them. You can offer rewards in exchange for their subscription such as discounts or first-time subscribers’ promos. It might also be easier to encourage customers to opt-in at strategic locations such as checkouts, where they can think over the benefits of the opt-in in context. You can also expose customers to your opt-in promotions through in-store signs, receipts, and others.

Be Mobile – Friendly

As smartphones continuously evolve their technology and features, people are increasingly integrating user experiences from different platforms. Today it is not uncommon for smartphone users to check email not on desktops or laptops, but on their mobile handsets. If your brand is sending out promotional emails and e-newsletters, format them to be mobile friendly for users. This way you will engage more customers who might be interested in an SMS txt platform opt-in. Arrange your marketing campaign plans to enhance users’ experience in the mobile field. If necessary, cut out anything that does not enhance your users’ mobile experience.

Stay Connected and Updated

Your last mobile campaign may have brought in lots of high-quality SMS leads, or it might have bombed out. Whatever its outcome, you will always find room for improvement. Stay up to date by continuing to evaluate your programs in order to improve the next one. Adapt your campaigns to the changing trends and stay connected to your customers. It is also important to be aware of your competitors’ strategies in order to adjust yours and come out as the better choice for your customers. Stay connected and updated by all means, but stay unique in your market niche. Always endeavor to approach things from the customers’ perspective.

A database of quality SMS leads is not the result of haphazard efforts, but of a intentional mobile campaign with a clear and defined outcome. Start with these A-B-C steps to generate quality SMS leads for your business.