There is nothing complicated about mobile marketing if one has a clear view of his target. Whether it’s to build a wide audience base or to reach potential customers through online SMS text messaging, going mobile is the first step for entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran marketer, this noobs guide to mobile marketing can help you kick start your own SMS campaign:

Do Be Timely

For the best results, send text messages within the time frame customers are most likely to respond. There are no general rules but observations have shown that people are most likely to respond to text messages during late afternoons or evenings. Weekends and special holidays are also a good time to connect with customers.

Don’t Use Fluff

There’s a word for using too many words to get a simple point across. It’s called verbose. And it’s a word that should never be used to describe your SMS texts. Present your main point (whether it’s an offer, a product launch, or a promo) in a concise and clear manner that can easily be absorbed by your SMS users.

Do Make Your Messages Actionable

A good way to do this is to open your SMS message with a direct CTA instead of a long introduction. Begin messages with words like “Avail”, “Get”, or “Buy” so that users immediately get the gist of your offer and understand what they need to do in response.

Don’t Cram Your Message

One reason SMS continues to be popular is because it offers its users information in bite-size portions. Use this to your advantage by condensing your offer in clear, major points that users can immediately grasp. Furthermore, break your main point in short sentences so as not to cram your SMS message.

Do Make Purchasing Easy

When you’ve done everything to get consumers to buy, the last thing you want is for them to have second thoughts because of an inefficient payment system. Avoid this pitfall by setting up an efficient mobile commerce payment system that makes it easy for customers to avail your offers. Also, design your promotion codes to be short and easy to remember so as not to put off customers. For instance, SEND SMS VODAFONE is easier to memorize than SMSVODAFONE354684.

Text message marketing can prove to be one of the best tools in your marketing toolbox if carried out in an intentional, targeted approach. Build your SMS campaign with the simple tips above today.