One of the main goals of marketing is to be able to connect with customers even if they are on the go. A great way to do this is by effectively using the power of Short Message Service SMS (or text) marketing. SMS bulk sending campaigns can be a very effective marketing technique that companies can use. However, the popularity of mobile devices does not guarantee that the SMS marketing campaign will lead to success. Listed below is some good SMS advice that any SMS marketer can use to make their SMS campaigns a success.

1.   Be Focused and To the Point

All SMS automation messages should be focused and to the point. There is no room for fluff in SMS messages as you only have 160 characters to work with. In order to make your messages focused and to the point you must know your target audience and speak straight to them. Leave out unnecessary details and only describe how the customer can take advantage of the benefits that you have to offer.

2.   Do not use Abbreviations,, Hype and Slangs

Any text message that the customer sees as a spam message will only result in instant deletion. It is important that you omit anything that can be viewed as being too slick and promotional. This includes the traditional marketing hype like “amazing” offers, the use of slangs and text abbreviations.

3.   Offer Instant Value

Customers typically do not wish to receive a text message that doesn’t offer something of instant value. Because SMS messages are often times read instantly make sure that you include real-time offers to your customers. Ensure that your text messages describe the advantages of acting now.

4.   Identify Yourself to Your Customers

A text message that does not have the name of your company name attached to it is an ineffective message as the customer will not be able to link your business to your promotions. These kinds of messages will only get deleted as customers will only see a phone number that they do not recognize. Therefore it is important to find creative ways to add your company’s name to your SMS promotions. You can check out various text message marketing companies reviews to find the best company the offers this service.

5.   Give Your Customers the VIP Treatment

Everyone loves to feel special and receive the VIP treatment. Therefore when preparing your SMS marketing campaign, make sure that you offer your customers something special, something that only they can qualify for – or put another way an exclusive deal. If they realize that they can easily get the benefits advertised in your text message on your website like everyone else then they will not be motivated to act on your message.

Remember that creating the right test message for your clients is far from easy; however, once you find it (and take the above advice) your results will be phenomenal.