These days’ more and more companies are taking advantage of the benefits that can be derived from having a SNS marketing campaign. After all why wouldn’t a company make use of a text marketing platform given that the mobile market has exploded in the last couple of years? If you would like to enhance your overall marketing campaign by incorporating SMS marketing into your current marketing strategy then take note of the tips listed below to boost your sales.

1.   Offer Value

You can send your customers as many SMS messages as you want; however, if you do not offer them something of value then you will not get a good response rate. A great example of offering something of value is to send your customers text vouchers with a “30% discount code” or a “buy one get one half off” or even a “free gift with every purchase of $50 or more”. The main point is to make every message count.

2.   Get Permission of Customers before Sending SMS Messages

One of the biggest mistakes that any company can make when sending SMS messages is to not get the permission of the customer before sending such promotional messages. Sure SMS messages can be a powerful way of increasing your revenues; however, this is only possible when effectively implemented.

Failure to get permission from your customers before sending SMS marketing messages will only result in your messages being treated as spam messages that will only be deleted upon being received or worse blocked. In fact sending SMS messages without the customer’s permission is considered illegal. Sending messages to customers that have given permission for such messages will result in a higher response and conversion rates.

Additionally you must ensure that you provide your customers with an easy way to opt out of your SMS marketing campaigns should they desire. This can probably be done by having a short message cancel line (or feature) of text in the SMS.

3.   Track Your Results

It is pointless to have an SMS marketing campaign (or any marketing campaign for that matter) if you do not monitor and track your results. It is very critical that you implement a way to track your results otherwise you will not be able to tell whether your SMS campaign is working. Track your response rate and be aware of any increases in your subscriptions or sales after a particular SMS message has been sent. Knowing the most effective time to send out your SMS messages will certainly help you to achieve better results.

Please bear in mind that no one marketing campaign will result in a significant increase in sales; however, a correctly implemented SMS marketing campaign will certainly result in a boost in your sales figures.