The mobile market has literally exploded in the past couple of years. With this explosion comes a number of mobile marketing methods that companies can utilize to get the word about their customers out there; however, the best way to do so is to use SMS marketing. Companies can therefore use timely SMS messages to mobile users to convert them into potentially loyal customers in very little time. A beginner might see this as a daunting task; however, here are some useful tips that any beginner can use to create effective SMS messages (for example welcome sms messages) like a pro.

1.   Avoid the Use of Unnecessary Language

It is widely understood that SMS messaging is a great way to reach your customers; however, SMS marketing comes with its disadvantages. For starters the biggest downside of SMS messages is the character limit – about 160 characters. Therefore you have no time to use unnecessary language. Instead stick to the point. Make sure that you are precise with the message that you would like to deliver and that your customers are able to see you as a serious seller.

2.   Avoid Cramming Your SMS Messages

Since your SMS messages are only limited to 160 characters you might feel the need to put as much as you can in your messages. However, this is best avoided. Avoid putting more than one campaign in one single message as this is not effective. So choose one message and use it. Additionally avoid the temptation to bombard your customers with multiple messages with different campaigns as this will only confuse your customers.

3.   Write Short Sentences

Although your text is limited to only 160 characters, it doesn’t mean that you must write your sales pitch in one long 160 character message. Breaking up your messages into short sentences will help you to clearly get your message across to your customers. Also make sure to ONLY use capitalizations to highlight important parts of your offers.

4.   Action Messages

Use a call to action in every message that you send (even if it is a welcome sms message), rather than lengthy sentences. Do your best to create actionable messages so that the receiver can immediately comprehend your offer and more importantly, act on it. Words such as “Purchase” or “Buy” are very effective action words. 

5.   Timing is Everything

SMS messages are often read instantly, unlike emails, which is often times read much longer after the message has been received. Therefore you must ensure that your messages are properly timed so that you can catch them during the time that they are most responsive to your message. Become aware of your customers’ habits and make the most of it.

When properly executed a New Zealand bulk sms marketing strategy can be hugely effective. With the tips listed above even the SMS marketing beginner can promote their products via the mobile market like an expert.