Relying on one marketing channel such as text messaging, email or social media marketing limits the number of potential customers you reach. Combining various forms of marketing to create a well-rounded campaign allows you to reach a wider range of customers more often.

Build a Text Message List and Email List

Modify your current landing page to include an opt-in for SMS notifications. Mention the benefits of signing up for this list so subscribers understand its value. Text messages help spread the word quickly about upcoming sales and other promotional events. Use this form of marketing to get people interested in signing up for special memberships or to inform them of in-store events.

Asking people sign up for both your text message and email list through the same landing page helps you build both lists in less time. And while you can send an email message explaining the benefits of text messages later on along with a link to sign up, subscribers may forget to do so or may not want to sign up for yet another marketing list.

You should, however, send a message to those on your mailing list that did not to sign up to receive text messages from you initially to encourage them to do so now.

Email/Text Send Frequency

Now that you’re marketing through more than one channel, send frequency becomes more important. Some subscribers will not mind receiving two or three email messages from you each week along with a text message, while others will see this as excessive. Test email/texting frequency to determine the optimal number of messages to send to those on your list.

Start by sending one or two email messages and one text message per week. Increase or decrease as necessary if you see opt-out rates increase or you don’t see a significant increase in click-through or open rates. You can also ask subscribers if they think you’re sending messages too often. Send a short survey or poll to subscribers two or three months into your campaign.

Text Message Advantages

Send bulk text messages to encourage subscribers to visit your business or website. Send coupon codes, surveys, polls, links to interactive games or useful apps. Text messages allow you to become more involved in the lives of subscribers. Use text messages to supplement the information you send via email. This, along with social media pages, should keep subscribers entertained and interested in maintaining contact with you and your business. This type of interaction will hopefully generate more leads and sales.