Invite a select group of your most valued customers to make advanced purchases of goods and services before these items are officially released to the general public. Send SMS notifications to these customers so they can place an order immediately. Not only does this help increase awareness of new goods and services (word-of-mouth advertising), it also lets people know how special you think they are for your business.

Pre-Sales Message

Create a list of regular customers or those you know will be very interested in the new product or service (those most likely to pre-order). You may have to limit this list depending on the number of products you want to sell before marketing to others.

In your text message, include the name of your business, website address, and pre-order instructions. If creating a separate web page for pre-orders, make sure to include the link in your message. Limit pre-orders to a specific amount (one per customer, for example). You should also provide a time limit for this offer – one to three days prior to advertising to the general public will encourage people to place an order right away. Mention that you only have a limited supply and want to make sure your best customers have a chance to lock in their purchase now.

Confirmation Message

Send a confirmation email concerning a customer’s order as well as a short text to let people know their order has been received. Include any additional instructions or information such as tracking numbers so people can monitor the shipment of the product. If providing new business services, include a coupon redemption code or ask customers to print off their order confirmation and bring it with them to your place of business.

Further Marketing

Send another bulk text message to customers a week or two after they receive the product or take advantage of new services. Ask if they have any questions and direct them to your website or send an email address where they can contact you. If creating a social media page for new products, include the link so customers can leave comments and questions.

If you sell similar goods and services, send a coupon as a thank-you for taking advantage of your pre-sale. Maintaining positive and meaningful customer relationships allows you to earn steady revenue from pre-sales and other promotions targeted at valued customers.