If you already have an effective email marketing campaign or sales on your website continue to move steadily along, you may not think to start a text messaging campaign. But text messages can be powerful, especially when marketing to regular or local customers. If you don’t have the time or interest in starting up yet another marketing campaign, consider using SMS notifications with those VIP customers to promote special deals and offers.

VIP Customers

Send an email message to those you consider VIP-worthy and ask if they would like to receive periodic text messages from you. Explain the benefits of signing up and when you plan to send the first message. This shows people that respect their decision to be included or not.

Compile a List

Compile a list of those that want to receive messages from you via text. Use a text message service that allows you to send and receive messages, track open rates, and send survey and polls from time to time. Determine a schedule for sending messages to make it as easy as possible for you to manage.

Add a page to your website or somewhere on your ‘Contact Us’ page instructions for opting-out of your SMS list.

First Message

Promote an upcoming sale, food and drink special, event, or anything else you want. Include the name of your business and important details customers need to participate or to advantage of the savings you’re offering. Send links to coupons and other promotional materials as necessary.

Follow-Up Messages

Send messages whenever you want to promote goods and services to those on the list. Add to the list as more people turn into regular customers. Track how the campaign is going to determine if it’s effective. Make changes in message frequency or types of promotions if sales aren’t what you expect.

You Already Know How to do This…

Since you’re probably already familiar with running online marketing campaigns, adding a small SMS notification campaign to your overall marketing strategy can be very beneficial and will not take up much of your time. After running a small campaign, you may see the full benefits of text message marketing and decide to expand to communicate more effectively with other customers. This can be a great learning opportunity as this type of marketing is still very new for most businesses.