SMS marketing is an instant way to connect with your potential consumers. Using mobile phones, they can receive and check your message within minutes, and you get to increase business effectively. You may design your marketing campaign using gateways, such as the SMS API NZ platform. Their experienced services can get you unimaginable results within a short time of your messaging campaign launch. If you are a newbie mobile marketer however, some of these tips on SMS text marketing rules may help you.

1.   Remain focused and brief

Your promotional message should never be fluffy and loaded with unnecessary details. Make your text message sharply focused on the target audience, and keep it short enough to explain about your offer and the way users can benefit from the same.

2.   Avoid a hyped message

Your text message should not be hyped using abbreviations and slangs as this causes the customer to get irritated. They would just delete your message without reading if it over-promotes. Keep the language of your message under checks so no hyped words destroy your brand reputation.

3.   Offer real-time value

Consumers do not like to receive SMS marketing messages that are of no immediate value to them. So, include real-time offers that they can make use of now and let them know how to be benefitted from them.

4.   Identify yourself

Again, to protect your message to be identified as a spam just because you have not mentioned your company’s name or brand, get yourself identified on the text message. Customers would simply delete your message if they see it coming from an unidentified number or if the message if vague without any identity mentioned.

5.   Give customers priority

Avoid to keep sending constant news and offer messages to your prospective clients as this regular information can also be obtained from other sources like your website. Give them priority and make them feel special by sending some exclusive promotional offers so they keep you in their subscribed list.

6.   Set the time right

Do not disturb your customers at timings when they are ready to get annoyed of your message the most, such as at wake-up time or sleeping time. Take advantage of the prime shopping time when the customers would be in a mood to buy from you. You may also request information on time zone and send your messages in waves.

7.   Avoid multiple messages

Sending information on different offers combined in one SMS could confuse your customers. So, make use of the limited SMS characters available to you and opt to send just one simple and straight message on a single offer to your customers.

8.   Make things easy for customers

Avoid keeping your customers hopping to avail a simple discount. They should not be redirected here and there unnecessarily to find any offer. Keep things shorter and direct to avoid any pain to customers. While offering any promotional code, keep it short and sweet, so that the people don’t have to strain their minds to remember them.

9.   Call-to-action

Action verbs are direct and more beneficial for you and your customers. Start your message with action verbs, such as buy, sell, purchase, jump, spend, save, etc. These help to cut the crap and unnecessary details in your messages.

10.       Communicate consistently

The messaging strategy works well when your communication is consistent with receivers. Ensure to communicate once a month with them and scale up the frequency up or down according to the peak or low season.