It is important to understand what text or SMS marketing really is. It actually is a way to enhance a marketing campaign by sending short text messages on cell phones of your target audience. Text marketing supports a direct communication to prospective customers about your new brands and products, service launches, calls for action and much more. The major benefit of text marketing comes in the form of a higher rate of return on advertising investment.

As a business owner, you can be sure that most of your audience will open and read your message, and thus you will reach more customers. This is also cost-effective in comparison to using other marketing techniques to reach your prospective clients. In addition, text marketing services allow you flexibility to reach your customers and make your messages more personalized. This makes the fact clear that the text message marketing still makes sense in 2013 and more and more businesses are exploiting it to boost their online sales.

Do marketers prefer to go for text marketing?

If you ask marketers about the media they use for marketing purposes, most of them would name a whole range, excluding mobile marketing. It is surprising to know, but in today’s times, text marketing is all the buzz, and marketers keep it just as an option in their hierarchy or priority list of strategies. Marketers are turning more toward creating MMSs that can include pictures, songs, videos and all that compelling content to attract people. The reasons may vary from ignorance to fear or something else, but marketers are not well capitalizing on the text marketing opportunity. There probably are more efforts required to re-awaken marketers to mobile marketing’s benefits and remove any doubts or misconceptions they have about its strategic usage.

Reasons text marketing is still relevant

Several experts believe that marketers should cash-in on the strategy of text marketing. One of the reasons you as a marketer should do that is because messages are regulated to be more genuine and appealing to customers than e-mails are. People are many-a-times suspicious about marketing e-mails to be spam and delete them or do not read them. However, that does not happen in case of text messages. Therefore, these have higher open rates than e-mails.

You will also get higher conversion rates with text messages, as people are not too interested in going through long messages and visiting site links or stuff you provide through other modes. Texting is more to-the-point, as well as low-cost. Finally, with the rising mobile usage trend, you would not want to be left behind your competitors. So, many businesses, whether small-scale or big, are using text marketing to boost their businesses.