There is more to an SMS message than just 160 text characters. Despite the rise of social media apps and multimedia messaging, text message marketing continues to be an effective channel for mobile services—one that can produce great ROIs if you use it right…

Here are five ways you’re not using SMS as a marketing tool, but should…

1. Mobile Coupons – Consumers enjoy ‘steals’ as much as savings on a regular basis. Reward the loyalty of your VIP subscribers on your SMS marketing list with coupons, promos, and discounts delivered via text messages. However, be sure to get the confirmed consent from each recipient so that your mobile promotional offers will not be reported as spam.

2. Mobile E-Cards – Tell your loyal consumers and patrons they’re valuable with personalized mobile e-cards. Mobile e-cards can be sent for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Sending thoughtful mobile e-cards is also a good way to build brand conversation among consumers outside the context of usual marketing content.

3. Online Sign-up Forms – Make signing up easy for your consumers with SMS sign-up forms. Using SMS can be an easy way to integrate social media (such as Facebook) into mobile text marketing. This way, consumers can see your offers and promos through both online and mobile devices.

4. Appointment Reminders – The mobile phone is a highly personal device. Text messages continue to have a high percentage of read rate (as high as 98%) compared to email and other marketing channels. Use SMS as appointment reminders in business and marketing meet-ups. Text messaging significantly reduces the risk of no-shows and frees you to invest your time in other profitable ventures. It is best to send appointment reminders an hour or so before an appointment in order to ensure the best response. Saving just one appointment will redeem more than a spare amount of time and resources, not to mention opportunities.

5. Use SMS for debt collection – Last but not the least, you can also use SMS as an effective tool to collect debts. Thanks to increasing integration of various user platforms, consumers can now access bank accounts and online services through their mobile devices. Use SMS to conveniently collect and receive payments directly from consumer accounts.

These are just a few of the many ways you can profit from SMS text marketing services. By being familiar with text marketing strategies, you will be able to embrace the vast opportunities and advantages your business might be missing out on.