Mobile phone subscribers equate to over five billion users worldwide and are still a largely untapped market when it comes to sales opportunities.  Text messages are becoming the most economically sensible method for businesses to get their message delivered.

Text messaging or SMS marketing has become the number one method of delivery for marketing messages for many reasons, including:

1.       Most offers can be communicated in the 160 character limit and that limit ensures that the message is relevant, targeted and accepted by the subscriber.  There is less opt-out amongst SMS message recipients so long as the pitches are incentive based.  Constantly coming up with fresh text message marketing ideas can be challenging for business owners.

2.       It does not matter when the message is sent, once the subscriber powers on their phone, the message will be waiting in their inbox and will remain there until it is deleted.   Many users do not regularly delete messages, meaning that they may read that same message many times before deleting it.

3.       It is easy to have cell users opt in to lists with enticing offers placed on billboards, bus panels or any other highly visible location that can be seen by mobile users.

4.       Mobile phones are not a “passing phase” and are being used more often for the main source of communication.   About 80% of mobile users are texting or receiving texts and most will read any SMS communications that they receive regularly. SMS automation is one tool business owners are using to get their messages out to loyal customers.

5.        SMS messages are usually charged to the recipient, but they can be charged to the sender as well.  These kinds of messages are much more cost effective than preparing flyers or sending out messages in the mail.

6.       SMS messages are highly interactive.  The mobile user can click on a link provided in a text and be taken to a mobile website where they can read more about an offer, submit something or sign up for a list.

Just as email has phased out regular hard copy mail, SMS messages will eventually phase out the email message.  If you want to increase business, expand your mailing list and keep in regular touch with customers, you need to start tapping into the power of bulk text messaging marketing.  If you are not interacting with your customers, then you are leaving money on the table.