SMS marketing is effective because you are sending short direct messages to a responsive audience.  It is important to know that just like email marketing, you cannot send messages to cell subscribers without their permission.  This is classified as spamming and to engage in this practice can put your business and your reputation in serious peril.

The only way to reach an audience through SMS is by building a legitimate list.  There are some things to know about building and SMS opt-in list, here are a few important guidelines:

1.       A special SMS welcome message can be what is needed to elicit a response from subscribers.  You may want to make an offer of a discount towards a purchase from your business.  You can invite current subscribers to share your message with friends and family for a deeper discount.  New subscribers are more likely to join your list based on recommendations from friends and family which will increase your subscriber list organically.

2.       Be sure that you are fully aware of the rules surrounding the use of SMS marketing.  You need to follow these rules carefully or you may find yourself in legal trouble.  Find out what your service provider’s rules are surrounding SMS texting before you start to send out messages.

3.       While you are building your list, you must remember that people may wish to opt out.  Always provide an easy way for people to remove themselves from your list or you may start to receive complaints from people receiving unwanted messages from your company.

4.       Many SMS bulk messaging companies have marketing plans that can help you to not only build your list, but to keep your current subscribers engaged.  Be sure to find a company that has a marketing plan that is relevant to your business.

Your audience is going to be responsive to offers if they relate to them personally.  As your campaign is fine-tuned, you can adjust your content to direct it at certain types of subscribers.  Professional text marketing services have become much more affordable in the last several years.  These services are a great way to ensure that your message is developed into a targeted message that your subscribers will respond to.  More companies are choosing a professional service to guide them along with their marketing campaigns because they are an effective and affordable way to get the message out to your subscribers.