Here are some of our tips:

1.     Let your customers know

Building your SMS subscriber list begins with informing your customers. They can’t opt in if they don’t know that you even have a text marketing platform. There are several ways of doing so:

Use traditional media: radio, TV, billboard and outdoor. It seems expensive, but it’s one of the quickest ways of getting word around—they’re not called mass media for nothing. Post the New Zealand SMS short code where they can register for the opt-in service.

Do you hold events? Let your invitees confirm their attendance or register via text.

Do you keep a social media page or a mailing list? Let your followers and email subscribers know by posting on your page and sending them an email.

You can also do it the traditional way—get your sales staff and personnel to talk to your customers while they’re in your shop and ask them to enroll. There’s nothing like the personal touch to encourage people to opt-in. Supplement it by putting up signage and posters highlighting the features of your SMS marketing campaign.

2.     Encourage them to enroll

Want to expand your opt-in subscribers? Run a poll or a contest. Open communication lines by posting an SMS short code they can use to text in queries or feedback.

Coax them with a come-on. Offer incentives—maybe a one-time offer or a special discount. Make your opt-in subscribers feel special by offering ongoing exclusive deals and discounts.

3.     Remember your etiquette

Maintaining your SMS opt-in list is just as important as building one, so remember your SMS marketing etiquette.

Do not send spam to your subscribers. The average mobile phone user keeps their devices close by, which means too frequent and indiscriminate sending of unimportant texts are perceived as intrusive. You will lose your subscribers if you don’t put thought in what you send. And bulk sending SMS that people deem trivial and insignificant also means that you’re wasting your time and money.

Etiquette also entails that you allow people to opt out of the text messaging service. Make sure you provide a short code for people who want to unsubscribe from your list.