(1)   Do remember the 4Cs, but don’t use text speak

With 160 characters, there aren’t many words you can use. But then again, brevity is the soul of wit. You can—and should—say a lot with only so little. Remember that the most effective messages are those that are concise, clear, concrete and complete.

But that doesn’t mean you should use abbreviations or jargons that can only be understood by a few of your subscribers. Don’t sacrifice your message quality by using text speak.

(2)   Do be impactful, but don’t be a cliché

Messages catch attention if they are full of impact. But while you may be tempted to use clichés and overused marketing ploys such as “Subscribe/join/buy/etc now and get a free gift” (“free gift” is a redundant phrase) or “We provide the best quality” (doesn’t everyone?).

You create the most impact when you provide what your customers want and need most. Keep that in mind every time you send out bulk SMS messages. It can be as simple as free information or text vouchers for discounts.

(3)   Do respond immediately and don’t make customers wait

Text message marketing can also be used to generate feedback or questions from your customers. And when they do send in a text, do not make them wait for a response.

If you find that you receive a lot of inquiries and feedback through text, you may want to consider automating your responses. Your SMS marketing provider can help you set up SMS automation.

(4)   Do send SMS on a consistent frequency, but don’t spam (timing, content, offer opt out)

Successful SMS marketing campaigns involve communication that are sent out consistently, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Consistency keeps you on your customer’s mind.

But don’t send out SMS just so you can make the schedule. Keep them appealing. You want your subscribers to look forward to your texts and not feel pestered by your messages.

Also, text marketing etiquette also dictates that you provide an opt-out feature for your subscribers. So make sure you provide an opt-out code each time you send out your texts.

(5)   Do integrate

Integrate your SMS marketing with other platforms—such as social media and Internet marketing. Because you only have 160 characters to work with, you may not have enough space to give out the entire information. This is when your website or your social media page becomes important—send out links to these pages, where your subscribers can get the full details.