As mobile phones develop to include more and more features, consumers do more with, and, therefore, spend more time on these gadgets. This gives marketing professionals and businesses yet another opportunity to communicate with their target market. More specifically, as more and more mobile devices become internet-enabled, consumers are able to switch from text messages to mobile websites, which creates a marketing synergy.

Here are a few ways that businesses and marketing professionals can take advantage of this synergy between text message marketing and online marketing, and provide their customers with more information, better features, and more desirable offers:

1.     Download an app

It is a trend among major businesses, which include retail brands, cafes and restaurants and service centers, among others, to have an Android and/or iOS app.

Fashion and beauty brands use it to showcase the current season’s collection. Cafes and restaurants use it to provide special discounts through special coupons or bar codes. Service centers offer scheduling apps to track maintenance progress.

These are all very useful to your customers and can even successfully tempt consumers to make a purchase. But how do you let your customers know about the app and encourage them to download?

It’s simple. Send them a text message with the app download link.

2.     Download a coupon

Consumers today are always on the lookout for special deals and discounts. Consumer trend watchers even assert that many even refuse to pay full price for certain products and services, preferring to look for special coupons and sales. What better way to entice them to buy your product or service than by offering a special discount?

You can bulk send a special SMS code to their mobile phones, or direct them to your mobile site by sending a link where they can download the special coupon or barcode.

3.     Provide detailed information

A 160-character limit can be restricting. Bulk sending two SMS messages to accommodate additional information, on the other hand, can be costly. If it’s close to impossible to send a short text that contains all the details, why not direct them to your mobile site by sending them a link instead?

There’s another advantage to this tip: it increases your website traffic. And depending on how appealing your website content is, you may even make a sale! All this by merely sending out a link that costs a few cents.