Why should retail shops consider using text message marketing to increase their customer base and, ultimately, sales? How can sending bulk SMS be beneficial?

The answer is quite obvious. We all know that that most of us hold a close relationship with our phones. We sleep with it and can’t leave home without it. It’s part of everyone’s daily lives. People pay attention to their phones. In fact, studies have shown that 90% of text messages are immediately read after it is received. Marketing professionals understand that this is yet another opportunity to communicate with their target market and advice businesses to take heed. You should, too.

So how should you start a text marketing campaign? Here are a few ideas:

1.     Use it to sign people up for your email list.

If you have a mailing list, you can successfully expand it by using SMS marketing. Give your customers a number to text in their details to subscribe to their mailing list.

2.     Use it to let your subscribers know about your sales, promos and programs.

Texting your customers is a great way of letting them know about your promos—whether you’re holding a sale, or you’re launching a new product or service. Because it goes straight to their phone, you know that they’ll find out about it right away.

What’s more? They can forward your message to their friends!

Here’s a tip: Make your text more appealing by sending them a special offer, perhaps a voucher with a special SMS short code they can use to avail of the discount.

3.     Use it to remind your customers about their scheduled purchases.

Your busy customers would appreciate it if you reminded them about a scheduled maintenance or a scheduled purchase of consumables. Why not send them a text to remind them?

Here are some SMS reminders examples (note: try to make them personal, if you can):

Hi Ira, you’re machine is up for a routine check up on the 9th. Kindly reply & let us know when we can pick it up. You may also call us at 5550675. Thanks!

Hi Marcia, your photocopier warranty expires on the 28th. You may renew it for only $100 for an entire year! Go to www.photocopier.com for more details. Thanks!

4.     Use it to give your customers a way to communicate with your for inquiries and feedback.

SMS is yet another way for your customers to talk with you. It’s a great platform to get feedback, for customers to let you know what they want more from you. Consider it also as a means to answer any questions and queries that they may have about your store.