SMS marketing is an excellent way to reach your target audience because most people are using smart phones and will use those phones to text and communicate as well as to surf the internet.  If you are not building an SMS list, then you may be missing out on a very large piece of the market in your niche.

What steps should you be taking when it comes to using a text marketing platform?

1.       If you want to send SMS messages, keep in mind that this is always a permission based service.  If you do not have permission, don’t send text messages.  You can get into a lot of trouble for sending unsolicited text messages.

2.       Use the double opt in by sending a welcome SMS message.  Make it simple for people to unsubscribe from your text messages if they decide that they do not wish to receive texts from you.

3.       Don’t send too many messages!  If your customers only purchase from you monthly, then only send out a couple of texts per month.  If you have a special announcement to make, then by all means, send another text, but be careful not to send constant texts, this is the equivalent to spamming in email.

4.       Research your keywords carefully and stick to a few main ones.  You only have a limited amount of characters to convey your message, so make it count.  Alternate keywords and use the same small group of keywords on a constant basis.

5.       Initially, it can be manageable to send your own text messages, but as your business grows and you become busier, it can take a lot of pressure off by using the services of professional text marketing services.  Professionals can help you to create a campaign, targeted to your business and product and guide you along the path of marketing your business with text messages.

The entire concept of texting to customers is new to many businesses, but it is one of the most efficient ways to convey a message and can also be one of the most cost effective when it comes to marketing.  If you have not thought about starting an SMS campaign, now is the time to look into this unique communication method in your business.  If you are not using this marketing method, you may be missing out on a whole segment of your market and leaving them for your competitors!