As the popularity of mobile devices increase so does the use of mobile marketing as another means of reaching new customers and getting important information to them about company’s products, services and brands. Fortunately marketers have a number of options to explore when designing a mobile marketing strategy.

By far the most effective strategy has been the utilization of text messaging to customers inviting them to: come into your physical location, visit your website or take a particular action such as voting. Beginners might feel lost is the world of SMS messaging, given that most are completely clueless about the various SMS bulk sending services available. Listed below are some great strategies that any marketing beginner can use to create winning SMS messages.

1.   Be Practical not Cute

Although SMS marketing is a great way to reach your customers it does; however, have one huge drawback – your messages are limited to 160 characters. Because of this limitation non-experienced marketers will be tempted to use (or overuse) abbreviated text and “cute sounding” language. Marketers MUST therefore avoid the temptation to use such “cute sounding” languages and abbreviations as this will not do your brand, company, products and services any good. Instead be clear and precise in your messages.

2.   Message Stuffing

160 characters is all you have when designing an SMS message such as an SMS welcome message, therefore you have no room for wasted text. Unfortunately some marketers feel that the 160 character limit means that they need to cram as much as possible into one message. This is not the right way to engage your customers when using SMS marketing, instead choose one message per SMS marketing campaign and stick with it.

3.   The Right Time

Generally text marketing services can send your SMS message that is sent will be answered in around 5 minutes. This is because most people tend to have their mobile devices close by, be it in their pocket or in their purse. In fact SMS messages have a greater read rate than emails. Marketers can use this exceptional read rate to their advantage by ensuring that their SMS messages are properly timed.

As an SMS marketer you will need to send your messages to your customers at the time of day/week when they are most likely to read and act on your message. It is after all pointless to send a message during the times when your target market is sleeping or otherwise engaged. Some studies suggest the weekend as the best time to send out SMS blasts while others recommend late evenings. In the end; however, it all depends on your target market.

Again SMS marketing is an effective means of getting information about your company’s brand, products & services and any sales and promotions that you are running to your customers and potential customers. However, any beginner can utilize the tips previously mentioned to create a marketing strategy that will yield positive results.