The concept of email to SMS just got a bit deeper, with one of the most recent advancements in lead management extending to the realm of SMS and texting. Many SMS marketing software developers are beginning to experiment with enlisting mailing list recipients through cell phone messages, which could see huge improvements over traditional methods of building business contacts.

How it Works
How it works is simple. Websites that are optimized for mobile use and social media platforms will announce that users can take advantage of certain incentives by signing up via text message. Once the text message is received, a confirmation text is sent back requiring a final action, operating much like a double opt-in email message.

Why it Works
SMS marketing is proving to be a much more effective gateway for growing list subscribers, in that in theory it will allow users to sign up when they’re most engaged – and thus, when they’re most likely to take advantage of an opportunity. The convenience and novelty factor will also play heavily into signup success rates, as users will be more likely to opt in from their cell phones than their computers simply because they can.

Email to SMS is still an emerging and evolving technology that aims to merge the best of email marketing with the limitless potential of mobile marketing. If you want to find out how your company can benefit from it, look into SMS marketing software programs that can cut your learning curve in half and put you on the fast track to successful mobile marketing.