If you’ve never really considered the business possibilities that you could tap into using an SMS marketing solution, then mull over this mind blowing fact: there are more cell phones in the world than there are TVs and computers. The good news for email marketers is that this doesn’t spell an end to email – users today can access email through their smart phones faster than ever before, leading to some exciting mobile marketing trends that you could take advantage of to your benefit. Here are just a couple.

• People still appreciate simplicity. This is great if you’re using a straightforward SMS marketing solution, because it enables you to make a practical mobile solution without having to feel as though you’re coming across in an outdated manner. Don’t fear simplicity. People will always be attracted to it.
• A social media presence is a requirement if you’re going to build a mobile presence. The two feed off each other in a manner that makes their simultaneous coexistence a requirement. Sure, you can help spread the word about your SMS mobile initiatives through standard email, but social media is far more conducive a platform to getting the word out far and fast.

Mobile marketing trends indicate that a well-crafted SMS marketing solution will become an invaluable tool in every online marketer’s bag of tricks. In order to stay relevant, it’s critical that you keep up.