SMS will always be in season. While no one would deny the allure of eCommerce strategies like email and mobile apps, SMS marketing is in a league of its own.

SMS virtually guarantees contact with customers: 95% of SMS users see a text message within 15 minutes of receiving one. Of these, 9 out of 10 read a text message as soon as they receive it. Moreover, customers who subscribe to a text marketing service are 18 to 30 times more open to try or switch to a new service than non-SMS subscribers.

Here are some fast tips on how to break into SMS marketing:


Stay Relevant to Your SMS Marketing Target Audience

Not all of your subscribers will wish to receive the same information or welcome the same message frequency. It’s important to establish different categories of information and message frequency when setting up an SMS txt platform to stay relevant to your target audience.


Provide Multiple Ways to Opt-In

Make signing up easy and compelling for your customers. For example, provide them with options to opt-in at the checkout or when scanning a QR code with their smartphones. Another good idea to sign up customers is to reward a successful SMS subscription with purchase discounts.


Keep SMS Offers Timely and Incentivized

The best way to accomplish this is to provide SMS subscribers with instantly actionable offers. Coupons, sales, or deals that expire soon (such as in 24 hours or less) compel SMS users to take action right away. Most people seldom refer back to old, outdated text messages anyway, so give them an incentive to take advantage of your product promotions and offers – as soon as possible.


Make Them Feel Special with SMS Marketing Exclusives

People naturally cherish the sense of royalty and privilege brought by exclusivity. Make your most loyal customers feel special with promotions exclusive only for them. Send advance information to your SMS subscribers about upcoming events, new catalogs, or product launches. Better yet, couple this approach with geo-location services to heighten your SMS marketing’s relevance to your target audience.


Give Respect, Get Respect

By opting in, your customers are saying that they trust you enough to give you access to them anytime, anywhere. Remember that they can revoke this privilege if they feel it’s been abused, used too often, or have become irrelevant to their needs. Stay respectful when connecting with customers and they’ll reward you with respect in return.

With its unique advantages, text message marketing will always be indeed in season. Use these easy, effective tips to break into SMS marketing now.

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