Text message marketing offers unique advantages for SMBs such as immediacy, cost- effectiveness, personalization, and capability to reach a wide consumer base. SMS doesn’t require complicated technical requirements unlike mobile apps. Moreover, SMS capitalizes on mobile phones’ intimacy as a highly personal form of technology. Surely, it can’t get any better than that?


Actually, it could.

Here are four quick ways your business can get more from your mobile marketing:

Increase Traffic with Mobile Coupons

Think of mobile coupons as the next generation version of the traditional printed coupons, only more relevant in present times. Mobile coupons can be sent as text messages to target groups within a consumer database. For example, a promotional SMS can be sent to Vodafone users within a specific area. This is especially helpful in increasing foot traffic on slow business weekdays. Mobile coupons can contain redeemable rewards, two-for-one promos, or freebies to attract customers to visit a business store. Customers on the lookout for deals will appreciate the mobile coupon, and your business will benefit from the boost especially during slow days.

Engage Customers with Holiday Texts

Holidays are a great opportunity to build mobile relationships with customers through customized SMS. Along with the good spirits the holidays usually impart comes a greater willingness to interact, say for example with a fun text message offer. Engage customers with simple holiday greetings, thoughtful tips, or fun send-a-message contests. Text based campaigns can be infused with elements of gamification to complement the holidays mood. Not only will customers’ interaction build up your database, it will also provide a timely opportunity to give sales a lift.

Use SMS for Reminders and Dues Collection

Using SMS for debt collections and appointment reminders is one of the fastest ways a business can gain return of investment. The fact that mobile phones are carried everywhere makes the arrival of a new SMS quite difficult to ignore. SMS reminders, whether for meet-ups or debt collections, ensure that people do not forget important events and responsibilities. Automated SMS reminders have proven to be not only cost-effective but useful in reducing the number of appointment no-shows and forgotten dues.

Offer a Geo-location Text Marketing Service

Geo-location can be one of the best ways to optimize your business’ text message marketing. Add value to your customer experience by offering geo-location services specific to your business locations. This can be as simple as asking consumers to text in their zip codes to find the nearest store within their vicinity. Texting in short codes also accomplishes the same purpose. By offering a geo-location text marketing service, your business can collect valuable data that can help in making your marketing more personalized and relevant.

Try these tips to get more from your mobile marketing now!