Where is my API Key? You can find your API key by going to the “Settings” menu on the left hand side and clicking on the “API Details” link below that.

The sendSMS API call is used to send SMS messages.

API Call URL: http://app6.textahq.com/api/sendSMS.php

Parameters for this call

Each API call requires you to pass certain parameters (either GET or POST) in order for Texta to return correct responses. Here’s a list of those parameters relevant to the sendSMS API call.

Parameter Optional Type param_value
api_key Required Alphanumeric axhh3233289ydsjkbd987
to Required Integer 6421123456
msg Required Alphanumeric hello
format Optional Alpha xml (‘xml’ or ‘json’ only)
mode Optional Numeric 1
user_data Optional Alphanumeric additional information
To send one way SMS the mode parameter should be set to 1. If you wish to receive replies set the mode parameter to 2
Note: By default the API call response will be replied in XML format. If you wish for a different format then you need to add the format parameter to your API call.
Response Generated:
<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<error code=”200″>OK</error>
Response Codes

Code Description
200 Ok/Acknowledged
201 Received By Network
202 Delivered
203 Not Delivered
400 Invalid Apikey
702 Not enough credits
711 Invalid Number
712 Duplicated Message