Using the Check Subscription Status API Call URL:

Parameters for this call:
Each API call requires you to pass certain parameters in order for Texta to return correct responses. Here’s a list of those parameters relevant to the subscription API call.

Parameter Type param_value
api_key * Alphanumeric axhh3233289ydsjkbd987
sms_list * Integer 23
mob * Alphanumeric 6421123456 or 021123456

* = required parameter

Response Generated:


<?xml version="1.0"?> <ApiResponse>                	<success>true</success>                	<error code="200">OK</error>
		<subscriptionStatus>Active</subscriptionStatus> </ApiResponse>


Subscription Status

SubscriptionStatus Details
Active An active subscriber
Unsubscribe An inactive subscriber
Does not exist Subscriber does not exist in that subscription list