Many social media platforms now allow people to ‘check-in’ when they reach a specific location. From there, they can post reviews, comments, or see where their friends and family are currently located. But it’s not just friends and family that can take advantage of knowing where other people are, businesses can also use this latest social media trend to increase awareness of their brands using text message marketing.

Location-Based Advertising

Add another layer to your mobile campaigns by signing up with social media platforms like Foursquare and others that your subscribers already belong to and start tracking their whereabouts. When subscribers visit other businesses and retail outlets near your business location, send a coupon or other special offer to get them to stop by and shop.

Location-based advertising helps you connect with locals in a whole new way. Instead of standing outside your shop handing out fliers to let people know you’re having a sale, send SMS notifications and use social media to continually promote your business.

Social Media Posts

Use social media to post sales information, upcoming events, or the latest website deals you have to offer. Twitter, Facebook, and others allow people to receive alerts via text when new comments appear on social media pages they belong to. Make sure subscribers add you as a contact or sign up on your page to receive these alerts.

For restaurants and pubs, this form of advertising can make slow nights more profitable. If service doesn’t pick up for some reason, send a quick text to subscribers offering free drinks or deals on food to get people in the door. Encourage people to bring friends and family.

Manage Text Message and Social Media Campaigns Responsibly

Keep in mind that too much of a good thing can turn people off, so keep mass text messages and social media posts to a reasonable volume. Even though people want to know what’s going on, they don’t need to know every detail or nuance about your business.

And when sending sales information, make sure to include details like locations, website addresses, and other stuff people need to know in order to take advantage of special deals and discounts.