Ever wonder why SMS marketing remains a very effective marketing tool? Let’s look at the statistics:

(1)   SMS marketing has tremendous potential reach.

There are currently more mobile phones in New Zealand than there are people. Current statistics show that there are about 4.82 million mobile phones versus 4.3 million people in the country. Compare that number to Internet users: 3.4 million.

What does it mean for your business: Almost all of your customers own and use a mobile phone—use it to your advantage. Want to inform them about a wide-reaching promotion? Texting them may prove to be more cost-effective than using traditional media—radio, TV, print and outdoor.

(2)   SMS goes direct to its intended recipient.

The average mobile phone user spends time on the device everyday, doesn’t leave home without it, and uses it everywhere: home, work and on the go. This means that whenever you call somebody or send them a text, they are very likely to receive the message immediately. In fact, studies have shown that 90% of text messages are immediately read after it is received.

What does it mean for your business: Your bulk SMS messages are most likely to be read within minutes after it is received. Compose your messages appropriately to catch your customer’s attention.

(3)   SMS marketing is highly interactive.

Unlike traditional media, SMS marketing allows recipients to respond, or to even send in any feedback or query.

In addition, with the proliferation of smartphones, more and more users use it beyond calling and texting. Research has shown that about 2/3 of smartphone users have research a product or service on their device, and almost a third have used it to make a purchase.

What does it mean for your business: In New Zealand, bulk SMS can lead to a sale—when composed correctly and sent at the most opportune time. Want them to make a purchase or avail of your latest promo? Tell them to do so. Begin your texts with action words—there’s a reason why many ads begin with “Buy now!”

(4)   Versatility

SMS marketing can be integrated with other media, such as social media and Internet.

Current smartphone penetration in New Zealand is 44%. About half of that access the Internet everyday on their device.

What does this mean for your business: Integrating your SMS marketing to include social media, mobile and Internet marketing can make it much more effective and can significantly increase conversion rates. Send them a link to promotions detailed in your website or social media page.