In addition to using text messages to communicate with subscribers about your business, have you considered using SMS notifications to increase sales leads? Asking subscribers to pass on your messages to people they know that might be interested in what you have to offer isn’t so different from passing on an email or business card.

Ask for Referrals

Send a text message to satisfied customers asking them to forward your business information to others. This is a great way to promote your business as word-of-mouth advertising is still a popular and trusted form of marketing. Include your business name and contact information such as website or social media page addresses.

Surveys and Polls

Send a short survey or poll to subscribers via bulk text messages. Surveys and polls can include questions pertaining to your business, the niche you’re marketing to, or other subjects subscribers have an interest in. Encourage people to pass along the survey or poll to friends and family so they can answer the questions too. Post results on social media, website, or blog pages.

Interacting with subscribers and others helps promote your brand by increasing awareness of the products and services you have. Using text messages, you can send links to apps, games, and other interactive entertainment, which may be passed on to others.

Promote Social Media Pages

Use mobile campaigns to promote social media pages. Send messages with links to these pages and encourage subscribers to post comments or read articles and other information you provide. Ask subscribers to send links to other people to increase social media page readership.

Add an email campaign and SMS text message sign-up form to social media pages to build your subscriber list. In most cases, those that sign up are interested in your goods and services. While there may be some people that just sign up to receive free information, the percentage of these subscribers is small.

Use Other Marketing Channels to Increase Leads

Take advantage of all the marketing channels you use to increase leads and build your subscriber list. Include sign-up forms, along with content that clearly explains the benefits of signing up. Continue to build this list so you can promote goods and services while providing valuable and useful information.