So what, apart from email marketing, can be categorized as the best new-generation marketing tool for businesses?

Yes, you guessed it: SMS marketing it is! If your answer was “NO!”, then refer to the following section — it might well change your perception for good.

Why SMS marketing?

Here’s a brief overview of some of the biggest benefits of bulk mobile messaging:

1) Cost: Budget is one thing that probably all marketing professionals — regardless of their area of operation — equally dread. And they should be too, especially if it’s the typical small and midsize businesses we are talking about. To aid you on that front, sms marketing ensures that you hit your markets at a nominal price — much lower than what you would be spending over traditional marketing tactics like print, radio or TV ads.

2) Bigger audience: Who does not own a mobile phone these days? It undoubtedly is the fastest spreading contemporary gadget that people from all over the world use. The mobile user community happens to be a big-fat lake of opportunity for any and every marketer out there.

And the fact that a text messaging campaigns has no inherent ‘audience limiter’, adds to its richness even more.

3) Higher open rate: While designing and developing a marketing campaign, what’s that one thing that concerns you the most? We bet, it is the anticipation of the uncertainty of whether or not the target audience will go to the trouble of going through the content (ask your friends in the email marketing team about this).

Well, SMS marketing has the perfect answer to this problem. Just think, whenever the mobile phone in your pocket beeps, do you take it out and check out the incoming message or not? Yes, you got the drift — bulk mobile messaging can justly brag of bagging the highest open rate.