One of the best ways to get the attention of your customers and get the information about your promotions to them – fast, is through the means of SMS marketing via some form of sms text service nz. This is due to a number of reasons one of which being its exceptional open rate. Given the benefits of SMS marketing it is no surprise that a number of companies have begun to utilize this effective method of marketing. These companies are able to benefit from the relative freedom of email marketing; that allows you to take advantage of the ability to use unlimited images and texts to get their message across to their customers.

SMS; however, is vastly different as you have to use less than 200 characters to deliver your message. However, do not assume that email marketing is better because you can use unlimited images and texts as “bigger isn’t always better”. For example a carefully worded sms welcome message can have a greater impact than any email marketing campaign. Here are a few tips that you can use to get the most out of your SMS campaign.

1.   Simplicity is Key

Because email marketing campaigns allows for the unlimited use of characters and images it is easy to place more than one marketing messages in one email campaign. However, given the limited character count for SMS, it is important that you stick to one message per SMS campaign. Avoid the temptation to promote more than one product per SMS campaign.

2.   Clearly Identify Yourself

Make sure that the name of your company is clearly identifiable in your SMS messages. This might include the use of third party programs such as a sms text marketing service in order to preserve your character count. If your SMS campaign is directing your customers to a particular location then make sure that you include that in your text.

3.   Call to Action

Any good marketing campaign NEEDS a call to action and an SMS campaign is no different. Before you create your SMS message think about the objective that you would like to achieve, make it simple and easy for your customers to understand what you want them to do and of course clearly tell them how to act on it.

4.   Send Business to your Website with Your SMS Campaign

If you find that it is simply impossible for you to say everything that you want in one text message then simply include a call to action that tells your customers to visit your website. In doing this you are giving yourself the freedom to show your customers your complete marketing campaign.

SMS marketing can give your company tremendous benefits. Utilize these tips to make the most of your SMS marketing campaign. Additionally do not neglect other marketing campaigns and strategies as no one strategy will be 100% effective.